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Why talk about the elderly ?

It's hard today to talk about aging. We talk about old people as a demographic cohort, an economic "weight". Or we do not talk about them at all. The very difficulty of using the word "old" is quite representative of the taboo surrounding this period of life. The old man is considered as "a wise old man who dominates from a very high ground our terrestrial world", or "an old madman" (Simone De Beauvoir, La Vieillesse, 1970).

Yet, aging is a subject that leaves no one indifferent. The demographic transition is a global phenomenon that affects all societies, but old age is also a subject that affects us all in a personal way. Still young, we are led, through the aging of our family members, to have an opinion on the issue of home help, retirement homes, geographical isolation, and our role in all this.

We wanted to take the opposite view of the ambient speech and speak about old age in a different way, to give voice to the first to be concerned : elderly people.


How ?

Give voice

In our videos, elderly people tell their story, talk about the places where they have spent most of their lives, tell us about their daily lives, give us their tips to succeed in love, at work, or on the contrary what did not work.

show solutions

Oldyssey also focuses on initiatives that bring generations together around the world, in societies where the status of seniors is different, to draw inspiration from other forms of solidarity.

Oldyssey travels through Japan, China, India, Brazil, Colombia, the United States, Canada, Senegal, South Africa, and some European countries, to see how it is to get old there.

We've chosen both countries where the demographic transition is already well underway, such as Japan, Canada and the United States, which are very advanced in terms of innovation for the elderly; but also countries facing the challenge of an accelerated demographic transition, such as Brazil, China and Senegal. Solidarities are still essentially family, but the rapid aging of their population pushes them to innovate to take care of older people.

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The team


Clément Boxebeld    Linkedin

Clément Boxebeld


Julia Mourri    Linkedin

Julia Mourri



ARTISTIC DIRECTORS & communication

Amaury Botrel   amaurybotrel.com

Amaury Botrel

Oriane Sebillotte    orianesc.com

Oriane Sebillotte



Serge Guérin  
Sociologue, INSEEC Teacher

Luc Broussy  
France Silver Eco President

Pierre-Olivier Lefebvre  
Délégué général RFVAA

Benjamin Zimmer
Directeur de la filiale Silver Alliance du groupe Oui Care

Marcel Garnier  
Président de Network Santé +

Gilles Berrut  
Président du Gérontopôle des Pays de la Loire

Mathilde Plard  
Chargée de recherche au CNRS

Justine Rochot
Doctorante en sociologie à l'EHESS

Michel Billé  
Sociologue, président de l'UNIORPA




Carole Renucci  
Directrice des rédactions Notre Temps

Tarik Magra  
Directeur Digital, TV et Presse VICE France

Cyril Vart

Satoko Hotta
Professor of Health Management at Keio University

Fumi Irie
Officer Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan

Miwako Honda
Gériatre, co-chef de service de médecine, Tokyo


Our partners





MGEN - Groupe Vyv

With over 4 million people protected, the MGEN group is a major player in social protection. With 70 years of existence, MGEN manages the compulsory health insurance scheme for professionals from many ministries (National Education, Higher Education and Research, Culture, Solidarity and Ecological Transition ...).The first public service mutual, MGEN has a wide range of offers combining health, welfare, social action and services. The Group also offers individual complementary offers to all publics, as well as collective contracts for companies and associations. As a global healthcare player, the MGEN group is endowed with a diversified range of services (nursing homes, medical and dental centers, follow-up care and rehabilitation, mental health centers).

MGEN has 10,000 employees, 3,500 activists (elected or seconded) and has an annual turnover of over € 2 billion.



La Poste

Faced with the challenge of population aging, La Poste is part of a societal approach to support the elderly and their loved ones. Naturally involved in the Silver Economy, with communities, companies, associations, start-ups, seniors and their families, La Poste wants to develop useful services, focused on the real expectations of seniors.

To contribute to aging well at home, La Poste invents and reinvents itself through new services provided by its factors, by combining technologies with people, by bringing together an ecosystem of partners and by developing new activities in home services. . Beyond the partnerships, La Poste invests by taking stakes in companies anchored in the home, this is the case of its subsidiary AXEO Services that offers all, regardless of the moment of life, tangible solutions.
In this context, La Poste supports the Oldyssey initiative, a source of inspiration for aging well.



L'Assurance retraite

People aged 60 and over, numbering 15 million today, will be 20 million in 2030. With 17.5 million contributors, Retirement Insurance (Cnav, Carsat, CGSS, CSS) manages the pension plan General Social Security. Each month, she pays a personal pension or reversion to more than 13.7 million retirees.

During the retirement of its insureds, the pension insurance is also at the rendezvous within the framework of a policy of social action intended to favor the prevention of the loss of autonomy and the accompaniment of the retirees.

As such, she proposes:

  • prevention workshops on many themes: sleep, nutrition, etc.
  • services to help continue living at home in the best conditions

More information : http://www.pourbienvieillir.fr/ et www.lassuranceretraite.fr/bienvivresaretraite



Fonds de dotation Après-Demain

After Tomorrow is a family endowment fund Nantes whose objective is to support associations providing a concrete and sustainable response to issues of social isolation and / or deprivation of freedoms.

The fund was created in 2010, with 3 objectives of the founder: to share and be in solidarity, to make a positive contribution by being useful to society and to transmit family and long-term philanthropic values: To teach to his children to have the worries of the 'other.

When we met Julia and Clement, we were convinced by their sincerity, their energy and their collective conscience: Who better than these young people could discover and share initiatives to reduce the gap between the generations? Oldyssey is an innovative project and full of humanity, we are proud to accompany.



Notre temps - Bayard Presse

The editorial staff at Notre Temps has chosen to support Oldyssey because she is very curious about intergenerational initiatives and new practices in the older world that she supports throughout her issues.
Our readers are also very attentive to societal innovations and these testimonials from abroad will fill their curiosity. Some are also great travelers.

Notre Temps, leader of the senior public, is the first French monthly magazine with 4.8 million readers and Internet users each month (One Global 2017 T3). Notretemps.com is the reference site for senior surfers.

In addition, the magazine is at the origin of the week of solidarity between generations, Viens je t'emmène (venezjetemmene.fr) which takes place every year in November.


Fondation Lucq Espérance

The Lucq Esperance Foundation is a family-run foundation created in 2010 that complements the commitment of its big sister, the "Fondation du Lucq" created in 2005 and sheltered by the Fondation de France. They are instruments of sharing and solidarity that accompany, encourage initiatives to fight against loneliness and all forms of exclusion and poverty in France and in the world. Insertion is at the heart of their concerns.

When we met Julia and Clément we were thrilled by their project which joined our concern: what solutions to bring in this world that creates loneliness and exclusion? Where are the good ideas, the small achievements that could be duplicated? The elderly, the seniors we owe them so much, do not forget them.



Founded in 2003, FABERNOVEL INNOVATE is a new kind of native digital organization, nourished by a culture of entrepreneur and exceptional talents, which from Paris to San Francisco via Lisbon, Shanghai and New York, brings together a multidisciplinary team 60 business, tech and design talents. At the service of your competitiveness.

With a user-centered approach, we support the general and business divisions in the design, testing of products and services and the implementation of innovation strategies.




Founded in 2008, Airbnb's mission is to create a world where everyone can truly feel at home, elsewhere. Our community platform connects guests and travelers in 191 countries and provides access to all destinations - the most requested and the most remote - for a totally local experience.

Around the world, Airbnb hosts are using what is usually their biggest expense - their home - as a source of additional revenue. This is particularly true for the fast-growing segment of guests aged 60 and over.

Half of senior guests in Europe say that hosting travelers with Airbnb has even helped them keep their homes. Opening their doors to travelers is a way for them to achieve this goal, while continuing to open up to the world.

Airbnb is proud to accompany the journey of Oldyssey to discover the best stories of seniors, all over the world.


Club de l'amélioration de l'habitat

The goal of the Habitat Improvement Club (CAH) is to contribute to the development of the renovation market by giving actors in the sector the means to better understand it. The CAH is an association law 1901, created in 1992. It was born from the meeting of some public and private actors, experiencing the need to know more about this general public market of the renovation without having each sufficient means for the to explore. Together, they were able to build powerful knowledge tools to inform their development strategies.

Today, the CAH brings together about sixty members, representing the entire renovation sector: state agencies, professional federations, construction companies, prime contractors, materials and equipment dealers, industrialists in construction, energy suppliers, insurers, technical controllers and banking institutions ...




Groupe Epicuria

We support the Oldyssey project because Clement and Julia's approach is truly innovative: traveling the world in search of good ideas. A simple concept but so effective!

As a home care provider to seniors, following their adventures is a way of listening. For Epicuria, this experience sharing is an opportunity to diversify our approach to improvement and innovation.



Actor of the social and solidarity economy (ESS), SOLIHA, Solidaires pour l'habitat is the first association movement in the home improvement sector. Its activities are recognized as social service of general interest. SOLIHA is present in all territories, metropolitan and ultramarine, urban, peri-urban and rural, alongside those who want to improve the housing conditions of disadvantaged, fragile and vulnerable populations and revitalize villages and degraded neighborhoods.



Martin, Pauline, Alexandre, Thomas, Gwladys, Christine, Catherine, Bérangère, Neith, Irma, Bernard, Emile, Nari et Lulu, Yoann, Cyril, Malcom & Helo, Alice, Evelyne & Hervé, Laura, Blandine, Arthur, Wanda, Romain, Jordi, Mathilde, Paco, Laury, Sarah, Christof, Cécile, Annick, Roméo, Thomas, Corentin, Thierry, Carine, Chrystel, Françoise, Théophile, Tom, Isabelle, Hervé, Margaux, Léo, Elsa, Amandine, Lola, Benjamin, Thomas, Marie, Viviane & Jean-Pierre, Mélody, Juliette, Sylvie, Gerald, Dominique, Laurianne, Agathe, Jami & Véro, Marie-José, Boris, Guillaume, Manon, Nathalie, Henri, Gérard, Anais Chabalier, Alice, Ida, Aymeric, Clémence, Véronique, Eric, Laetitia, Didier, Anthony, Elise, Cécile & Rémi, Gérard-Michael, François, Isabelle, Lucille, Gilles, Etienne, Marine, Isabelle, Paprika, Benjamin, Kathleen, Charlotte, Radhia, Raymonde, Vanina, Liliane, Audrey, Arthur, Baptiste, Julie, Mathilde, Geneviève, Philippe, Jérôme, François, Maia, Agathe, Miora, Marie-Julie, Harold, Marie-Claire, Pauline, Clara, Jérémie, Hélène, Amélie, Claire, Mathilda, Martine, Charles, Nadine, Martin, Marie, Maria, Alise, Inès, Fabrice, Louise, Lou, Natalia, Sarah, Clémentine, Pierre & Lydia, Aullène, Orianna, Yacine, Noémie, Martin, Guillaume, Ségolène, Guillaume, Guillaume, Laetitia, Gautier, Geneviève, Muriel, Mathilde


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Clément Boxebeld

Julia Mourri