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Why talk about the elderly ?

It's hard today to talk about aging. We talk about old people as a demographic cohort, an economic "weight". Or we do not talk about them at all. The very difficulty of using the word "old" is quite representative of the taboo surrounding this period of life. The old man is considered as "a wise old man who dominates from a very high ground our terrestrial world", or "an old madman" (Simone De Beauvoir, La Vieillesse, 1970).

Yet, aging is a subject that leaves no one indifferent. The demographic transition is a global phenomenon that affects all societies, but old age is also a subject that affects us all in a personal way. Still young, we are led, through the aging of our family members, to have an opinion on the issue of home help, retirement homes, geographical isolation, and our role in all this.

We wanted to take the opposite view of the ambient speech and speak about old age in a different way, to give voice to the first to be concerned : elderly people.


How ?

Give voice

In our videos, elderly people tell their story, talk about the places where they have spent most of their lives, tell us about their daily lives, give us their tips to succeed in love, at work, or on the contrary what did not work.

show solutions

Oldyssey also focuses on initiatives that bring generations together around the world, in societies where the status of seniors is different, to draw inspiration from other forms of solidarity.

Project Genesis

In October 2017, Oldyssey spent a year meeting old people and great initiatives in over 12 countries and on 5 continents. They went in countries where the demographic transition is already well under way, where the culture of innovation in the service of the elderly is strong but also in countries facing an accelerated demographic transition and where social ties are loosening. The project was widely supported and recognized. Upon its return Oldyssey has launched new projects in France and abroad that continue to serve the well-being of the elderly.

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The team




Members of the program
”OLD PEOPLE from all over the world” #2

Clément Boxebeld    Linkedin

Clément Boxebeld


Flore Desal    Linkedin

Flore Desal


Julia Mourri    Linkedin

Julia Mourri


Camille Tochon    Linkedin

Camille Tochon



ARTISTIC DIRECTORS & communication

Amaury Botrel   amaurybotrel.com

Amaury Botrel

Oriane Sebillotte    orianesc.com

Oriane Sebillotte



Serge Guérin  
Sociologue, INSEEC Teacher

Luc Broussy  
France Silver Eco President

Pierre-Olivier Lefebvre  
Délégué général RFVAA

Benjamin Zimmer
Directeur de la filiale Silver Alliance du groupe Oui Care

Marcel Garnier  
Président de Network Santé +

Gilles Berrut  
Président du Gérontopôle des Pays de la Loire

Mathilde Plard  
Chargée de recherche au CNRS

Justine Rochot
Doctorante en sociologie à l'EHESS

Michel Billé  
Sociologue, président de l'UNIORPA




Carole Renucci  
Directrice des rédactions Notre Temps

Tarik Magra  
Directeur Digital, TV et Presse VICE France

Cyril Vart

Satoko Hotta
Professor of Health Management at Keio University

Fumi Irie
Officer Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan

Miwako Honda
Gériatre, co-chef de service de médecine, Tokyo